Auction Cataloging
Streamlined and Simple

Use our intuitive application to add, manage and export your auction inventory. 

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Easy Customization

With our dynamic custom field solution your data will always be organized, searchable, and exportable!

Offline Accessible

We knew how important it was for Auctioneers to always have access to cataloging their auction.

User Control

Make sure that the right users have access to the right Auctions using our user control system. Protect your clients and yourself.

Android, iOS, and Web

Access your Auction from any device anywhere in the world. With web, iOS and Android Applications.

How it works

It really is this simple.




Create a Workspace

Setup a workspace with all of the settings you want.


Catalog Your Auction

You and your team can begin cataloging your auction in the application.


Export to Any Platform 

Send your catalog to any platform!

Key Features

  • Export to any 3rd party system
  • iOS and Android (tablet too!)
  • VIN/Barcode scanner
  • Access, anytime, anywhere...even while offline!
  • Coordinate team photo sessions
  • Take photos of items for auction and upload them instantly
  • Edit Auctions, Lots, and Inventory descriptions and images

Seamlessly Export Your Auction

With AIM’s dynamic custom fields and export capabilities you can always know that your data will end up in the right spot. 



Export From AIM
Your Catalog will be up for Buyers!

With iOS, Android and Web Applications...

Your Auction is Always in Reach

The most important features to Auctioneers are accessibility, visibility and control of the Auction process. We made it a point to make sure that AIM is accessible from any device and anywhere in the world.